A hospitality business consultancy with proven credentials

We have been helping hotels and resorts unlock their true potential through strategic planning and its flawless execution since 25 years. We have also acquired expertise in bread and breakfast services balancing the expectations of savvy and worldly guests.

Hotel Consultancy

The profound change in the hotel industry has opened up many avenues to design and launch hotels and resorts of the future as well as work on their turnaround and expansion plans.

Bed and Breakfast

We have acquired expertise in designing and providing bed and breakfast services with high quality standards. We will take care of everything – transforming your little spaces into the perfect accommodation.

Govt. Partnership

The inbound tourism has been growing phenomenally with many new destinations and events growing in popularity but there are many areas which are still untapped by the government due to the resource crunch.

Travel Representation

We are excited to partner with the tourism bodies/brands and hotel/hospitality chains from all over the globe to help them explore the outbound tourism potential in India.

Destination Reviews

We have been playing an active role in promoting tourism across many wildlife sanctuaries and national parks in India. We are committed to sustainability and wildlife protection.

Wildlife Sanctuaries

We are well-equipped to quickly and effectively assess the tourism potential of a particular location and determine whether it makes a sensible business case.

Advantage eTroupers

Fifteen years ago Faisal Rizvi discovered the true meaning of his existence at Corbett National Part and he has never looked back since then. He has made jungle life as his most valued passion and keeps a close eye on all the developments across various wildlife sanctuaries and national parks in India.

Lets hear it from him what’s the latest…

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Wildlife sanctuaries and national parks have been home to many wildlife enthusiasts who have been working as a conscious keepers of the society promoting responsible tourism in and around these jungles. They have been doing a lot of work – training scores of local youths as ‘nature guides’ in nature interpretation, environment protection and bird watching.

In this section, many such experts will share their insights on sustainable tourism, making it a reservoire of useful information for nature lovers, wildlife enthusiasts, bird watchers and anyone who wants to have a harmless indulgence with the jungle.

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Client Testimonial

“Its been a remarkable journey with eTroupers. We have done some great work together. We wish them all the best”.

– Sanjay Sethi, Director, Pagoda Hospitality

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