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The Tal Paradise is a playground for adventure and nature to give tranquillity to minds. We have interacted with many people before we came up with a hotel that is always from home to give peach to soul and is yet contemporary. In The Tal Paradise we give you an opportunity to try something new and unconventional.

It is a green and peaceful retreat only 20 min from the vibrant and bustling city . It has been conceptualized keeping in mind home luxury. The food is also worked upon with great thought. The Tal Paradise is located in the city’s most imposing yet serene edifice. The property is surrounded by beautiful lake reflection, lush green mountains and walkways. We offer lake and mountains facing and non facing 2 different types of accommodations for our guests, ranging from single-bedded hotel rooms to king size bedded cottages. You can click on any of the following accommodations to learn more about your perfect mountaintop getaway!

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Rishi’s The Classio – an amalgamation of yogic comfort and luxury at Rishikesh

This week was highly eventful for all of us. With the grand inauguration of Rishi’s The Classio in Rishikesh on 24th March 2021, we witnessed a huge sense of satisfaction and accomplishment. What makes Rishi’s The Classio a classic and ideal property for a wonderful vacation? Well, to begin with, the property is built in Rishikesh – the Yoga Capital of the World. While the world is finding resonance in yoga and spirituality, places like Rishikesh and Haridwar in India are finding takers as visitors. While on one hand, Haridwar is considered to be a religious place, specially with the ongoing Kumbh festival, Rishikesh is acknowledged as a derivative of Haridwar. It is an amalgamation of religion, spirituality, yoga and adventure sports.

With Rishi’s The Classio, we are also launching our theme Rishi Dil Se that has its heart in Rishikesh that’s still unexplored. Through this theme, we would make the users’ stay experiential through sacred walks in in the lanes and by lanes of Rishikesh, online meditation and catching the first ray of dawn near the holy Ganga. The hotel has been designed keeping Uttarakhand in mind. The restaurant is named Kafuli, which is a popular and loved Pahadi dish.

Owing to the pandemic and its impact on human lives, the hotel management has taken utmost in following the guidelines to ensure a safe and comfortable stay to the visitor. With 36 units in the property, the hotel is an ideal place for a traveler seeking solace and comfort in the Yoga Capital.

Recently Rishikesh hosted a week-long International Yoga Festival. This was organized by Parmarth Niketan Ashram, Rishikesh. A highly successful event, the International Yoga Festival was widely acclaimed not just in India but worldwide. Such events bring Rishikesh at the world map thereby building a positive sentiment for the place.

Rishikesh remains a favorite for travelers from across the world owing to the fusion of piousness, adventure, thrill and tranquility. Combined with the spiritual and mythological beliefs, Rishikesh is bound to take any traveler’s heart away. Rishi’s The Classio is designed keeping the soul of Rishikesh in mind. Every corner emits the positivity and serenity and we are confident that the travelers would find their solace and comfort in Rishi’s The Classio.